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New Uses for Known Compounds

As outside counsel, helped Dynogen Pharmaceuticals, a neuroscience-based pharmaceutical company, build an international patent portfolio around new formulations and indications for known compounds to treat genitourinary and gastrointestinal disorders. Dynogen raised $63M in funding and signed a merger agreement with Apex Bioventures in which Dynogen shareholders were to receive $98 million in Apex Bioventures stock. The deal would have also provided the combined entity with up to $65M to finance Dynogen's late-stage clinical trials and product development activities. Unfortunately, Dynogen was a victim of the 2008 financial crisis and the deal ultimately fell through. Exemplary patent applications are provided below.

WO2004058168 - Methods of Treating Non-Painful Bladder Disorders Using Alpha-2-Delta Subunit Calcium Channel Modulators (produced 16 national applications and a granted European patent).
WO2004084879 - Methods for Treating Lower Urinary Tract Disorders Using Smooth Muscle Modulators and Alpha-2-Delta Subunit Calcium Channel Modulators (produced over 20 national applications, a granted European patent, and US notice of allowance).

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